SweetVinyl SC-1 - Mini /Phono

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The SC-1 Mini/Phono incorporates a high-quality MM/MC phono stage with all the technology and features of the revolutionary SC-1 SugarCube in an integrated platform - all at the original price of an SC-1.

Rear panel push-buttons easily select Phono or Line-In Inputs and MM and MC cartridges. It features gold-plated RCA connectors, an Ethernet port and four USB ‘A’ connections. Inside it has 192K/24 AKM AD/DA converters.

The front panel has full control of the basic functions with push-buttons and the pairing pin is integrated with the strength knob and an LCD display provides status information.

The SC-1 Mini/Phono's flawless ‘Click & Pop Removal’ process benefits from the latest algorithm updates with version 2.0 software. The iOS and Android apps and web interface provide remote control of ‘Click & Pop Removal’ and ‘Analog Bypass’.

The soundstage is virtually indistinguishable when the unit is engaged or in ‘Analog Bypass’.

The SC-1 Mini provides hours of enjoyment from previously unplayable records in any collection.


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